153 fish plus (1) fish Jesus had

153 fish plus Jesus had (1) fish

Special number 154
Total perimeter of Ark of Covenant
15.4, yards

*Jesus ascended from Mount of Olives on 5/14

*Angle in Acute Heptagram
~ 51.4, degrees

Revelation 14:5 “And in their mouth was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.”

*Hebrew value: Israel: 541

*Israel became nation: 5/14

*Chief cornerstone Giza slant edge: ~ 154″

*Chief cornerstone Giza slant face height: ~ 14.5, spans

*Birth of manchild: ~ 1.45, percent of day from Jerusalem sunset. UTC.

*Changed in a moment
~ 15.4, hours of day. UTC.

*Bride comes down out of heaven
15.4 hours of day. UTC.


One thought on “153 fish plus (1) fish Jesus had

  1. On the Dead Sea Scrolls Enoch solar calendar Christmas Day is on the 7th day of the 10th month.
    The average human gestation period is 277 days.

    277 days from a conception on Christmas Day, brings you to the birth of Christ on The Day of Atonement – day 10 of month 7 !

    They knew there was Something Special about Christmas Day !

    ( According to one researcher Christmas Day was never the winter solstice when the Julian calendar was first formulated, as so often asserted without any proof ! )

    The Dead Sea Scrolls calendar allows us to finally identify the Temple Sadducee omer day starting their Feast of Weeks – the 19th Abib ! ( The Dead Sea Scrolls show that the Qumran community had this day one week later, on the 26th Abib.)

    When using this Temple Sadducee 19th Abib omer, amazing numerical patterns show up between the Feast of Weeks 49 day count and their corresponding day dates !

    Aside from that, amongst many other interesting features on this calendar: if you count starting from Christmas Day, 153 days forwards falls on the Temple Sadducee Day of Pentecost ! ! !

    For much more see: http://www.declarethedecree.com/SOMETHING SPECIAL.xls


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